Mes condoléances

Message De Condoléances Courts a envoyer par SMS en anglais

Message de condoléances courts a envoyer par SMS en anglais

Message de condoléances courts a envoyer par SMS

1-We think of you in this difficult time. We wish you much strength and courage. Sincere Condolences

2- Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Is stronger than ever and be sure that his soul will never leave you and will always be in your hearts and minds to guard and guide you to the right path

3- We are thinking of you during this difficult time. May God help you and XXX rest in peace. He / she left this world but he / she will remain forever in our memories. Sincere condolences.

4- With great sadness we learned the bad news. We present you all our sympathy and support in this difficult period. XXX rest in peace.

5- Our most sincere condolences. This is a difficult time for all of us. XXX was too expensive for us and also do not know what to say. We all know that words can not relieve the wounded souls, but when you know that he / she will always live in our hearts can give us more courage.

6- Ensure accept our sincere condolences. We are truly saddened and sorry to hear about this huge loss. He / she rest in peace.

7- We are deeply sorry .Rappelez you we love you and we care for you as much as you need. Be sure it is a loss for us all. A lot of courage. Sincere condolences.

8- He / She left this world and he / she has left behind him / her a lot of beautiful memories and lots of love. It was a nice memorable one, she did a lot of beautiful things that will remain a symbol of power of hope and honor. That his soul rests in pais. Sincere condolences

9. We wish a journey of love and patience to the sky and to the other world to XXXX. He has just left us, but he left us many lessons in this life. Sincere condolences

10- We share your pain and your sadness. We send deepest thoughts of sympathy and support for you to help you through this difficult time. Know that we are all on your side. Sincere condolences.

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