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Message De Condoléance Pour Maman En Anglais

Message de condoléance pour maman en anglais

Message de condoléance pour maman en anglais

To Loss From MOM

  •  When she is not there we feel alone: ​​It’s the mom! We learned the terrible news of the death of your mother, hard thing to overcome when you do not know a reality: Moms do not leave their children, she left for a long trip and she let her soul to watch over you ! Trying to learn this thing and you’ll find your mother by your side in every step and every time you need it. That his journey is full of peace and love
  • « The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars will always be around, reminding you of the love you shared, and she finally found peace. » Be sure that his soul will never leave you and is always there to protect you. Sincere condolences
  •  There is magic in the touch of a mother, and the sun in his smile. There is love in everything she does to make our life happier. We can find hope just by looking into his eyes. His laugh is a source of joy, she taught us courage and that is that you really need my friend (s) I learned that she just left you but know she will always be there in your behavior in your successes and in your joys and your sorrows. You have to show him you’re at the height of his love and that you will be the person she dreamed. Abandon proud of you and shows your courage in these difficult times. Sincere condolences!

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